Inspiring Communities provides preventative services for individuals and organizations such as:

  • Community Outreach & Education

  • Adolescent Health Programs

  • Community Health Worker Training to support/promote community health and well being

  • Screening (individual and community based)

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (DM, HTN, COPD, Obesity)

  • Workplace Wellness  (Preventing injuries on the job, improving workplace performance, decreasing number of sick days per year, reducing stress level improving employee performance and productivity)

  • Individualized post discharge follow up counseling for recently hospitalized individuals.

  • Helping patients navigate the complex and sometimes difficult healthcare environment, discuss medications, treatment plan, health promotion.)

  • Additional Services:

  • Technical assistance services available to  faith-based and community organizations seeking funding  to further community based outreach and education.

  • Provide support with wellness poilices and healthy literacy materials, including monthly media newsletters specific to your business,school district or community organization.

  • Assistance with design and implementation of curriculum development for hospitals, schools, businesses and other community-based organizations utilizing the latest evidence based Health promotion/education theories and care models.

All Programs are:  


  • Evidence Based

  • Led by a Diverse team of Educators

  • Designed to meet the needs of a continuously diverse population

  • Evaluated upon completion to ensure learner satisfaction

  • Implemented within community-based settings

  • Designed to improve population based health metrics in accordance with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (Health.Gov)

  • .

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