Health Promotion and  Wellness

Community Preventive Services

The vision of Inspiring Communities is to become a leader in the support of individuals, schools. community partners, and healthcare organizations by improving access to community based health education and chronic disease screening. By utilizing the latest evidence based education models; Inspiring Communities aims to promote healthy lifestyles by improving individual and community access to health education. Our vision is to promote health literacy through materials that encourage cultural and linguistic competence.

Our mission is to promote health and wellness as well as to provide healthcare and educational services to the community . Inspiring Communities aim is to improve health literacy, reduce population based health education disparities so that  patients ability to make informed health decisions will improve.


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Community Partners

Health Educators, Registered Dieticians & Community Health Workers

Health Promotion and Education

When your employees are healthy, your bottom line improves.  Starting a workforce wellness program is an investment 

Workforce Wellness

Inspiring Communities provides preventative services for individuals and organizations such as:

  • Community Outreach & Education

  • Adolescent Health Programs

  • Community Health Worker Training to support/promote community health and well being

  • Screening (individual and population based)

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (DM, HTN, COPD, Obesity)

  • Workplace Wellness  (Preventing injuries on the job, improving workplace performance, decreasing number of sick days per year, reducing stress level improving employee performance and productivity)

  • Individualized post discharge follow up counseling for recently hospitalized individuals.

  • Helping patients navigate the complex and sometimes difficult healthcare environment, discuss medications, treatment plan, health promotion.)

  • Additional Services:

  • Technical assistance services available to  faith-based and community organizations seeking funding  to further community based outreach and education.

  • Provide support with wellness policies and healthy literacy materials, including monthly media newsletters specific to your business,school district or community organization.

  • Assistance with design and implementation of curriculum development for hospitals, schools, businesses and other community-based organizations utilizing the latest evidence based Health promotion/education theories and care models.

All Programs are:  


  • Evidence Based

  • Led by a Diverse team of Educators

  • Designed to meet the needs of a continuously diverse population

  • Evaluated upon completion to ensure learner satisfaction

  • Implemented within community-based settings

  • Designed to improve population based health metrics in accordance with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (Health.Gov)

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Health Education and Promotion