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We are so glad you are here! You just took your first step towards a healthier lifestyle

Our programs can help you reach your health goals


Inspiring Communities began providing diabetes education services in January 2016. We are proud to be fully recognized by the CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) and the American Diabetes Association for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Program (DSMES). We currently offer both programs.


Inspiring Communities Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP):

A 22-session program designed to help you make lifestyle changes to prevent type 2 diabetes. The program is delivered virtually, in 1-hour sessions. You can be empowered and make realistic goals with a trained lifestyle change coach while having fun discussions.

During the first six months, meet with your coach for 16 sessions

• Learn ways to eat healthy and add more physical activity into your day
• Manage and lose weight
• Get support from other group members
• Make lasting lifestyle changes while working with a certified lifestyle coach
• Find ways to manage stress, stay motivated, and solve problems that can get in the way of your goals

During the last six months, meet for just 6 monthly sessions to:

• Continue to set and meet your goals
• Stay motivated
• Continue to manage stress and challenges
• Continue weight management


Inspiring Communities Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Program (DSMES):

A 5-week program designed to teach self-management tools that can help take control of your diabetes and delay or prevent complications. Our workshops are very interactive and engaging. If you have never attended a workshop to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle with diabetes, this workshop is for you!

Workshops include 2-hour virtual group sessions over 5 weeks.

If you have a referral from your provider that’s great! If not, we will contact your provider on your behalf and request the form. We will answer any questions or concerns when we contact you.

During the 5 weeks we will cover topics to help you take control of your Diabetes such as:

• Understanding the human body
• Understanding diabetes and its risk factors
• Monitoring your body
• Get up and move -Physical activity-
• Health management through meal planning
• Diabetes complications: identification and prevention
• Learning about medications and Medical Care
• Living with diabetes: mobilizing family and friends
• Action plans, personal goals, resources

All Programs are:

  • Evidence-based
  • Led by a diverse team of educators
  • Designed to meet the needs of a continuously diverse population
  • Evaluated upon completion to ensure learner satisfaction
  • Implemented within community-based settings
  • Designed to improve population-based health metrics in accordance with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (www.Health.Gov)

Workshop Sites Completed

  • Lake Elementary School, San Pablo
  • Lakeridge Athletic Club, El Sobrante
  • Helms Middle School, San Pablo
  • Monteverde Center, Orinda Ca
  • Kennedy High School, Richmond
  • Casa Adobe, San Pablo Ca
  • City of Hercules Senior Center, Hercules
  • Building Blocks for Kids, Richmond Ca
  • True Fellowship Church, North Richmond
  • Belle Terre, Lafayette Ca
  • Samara Terrace Senior Housing, Hercules
  • City of San Pablo Senior Center, San Pablo
  • Heritage Senior Apartments, North Richmond
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