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Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote health and wellness as well as to provide healthcare and educational services to the community. Inspiring Communities aim is to improve health literacy, reduce population based health education disparities so that patients’ ability to make informed health decisions will improve.

The vision of Inspiring Communities is to become a leader in the support of individuals, schools, community partners, and healthcare organizations by improving access to community based health education and chronic disease screening. By utilizing the latest evidence based education models; Inspiring Communities aims to promote healthy lifestyles by improving individual and community access to health education. Our vision is to promote health literacy through materials that encourage cultural and linguistic competence.

Inspiring Communities was established in 2009 as a volunteer project. As the need for prevention services became greater, Inspiring Communities received 501(c)(3) status in 2014. Inspiring Communities is an accredited program of the American Diabetes Association. Recognition was received in August 2016. Recently we received full recognition from the Center for Disease Control ‘CDC’ for Diabetes Prevention Programs ‘DPP’.

We are able to provide both diabetes self-management education and support and prevention services. This is beneficial so that we can serve patients diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes.

We are a diverse team of volunteer healthcare professionals which include Certified Health Educators, Nurse Practitioners, Public Health Nurses, and Academic Educators. We continue to seek Certified Health Educators and Community Health Workers and Registered Dieticians who are independent consultants that support the mission of Inspiring Communities and are willing to join our team.

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